Ah, standardized testing days – the time when the hallways hush to a whisper, and the academic focus shifts whole grades to diligently tackling tests.

But what about the other grades left to navigate the day with access to fewer educators while a portion of the school community is immersed in testing? Enter Money Path! This cutting-edge web-based application seamlessly integrates academic and career planning with financial strategies. Sure, the easy thing to do would be to put on Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and watch as the students fantasize about being off of school themselves, but we know you want to fill the time with an impactful program.

A valuable asset in the academic toolkit

Money Path is an easy-to-deliver program for large groups of students not involved in testing. It’s not about filling the time; it’s about providing a purposeful learning experience. Money Path seamlessly aligns with personal finance curriculum and offers a structured approach to academic and career planning. The easy-to-use interface is perfect for situations like days when fewer teachers are available for classroom instruction. Money Path is so intuitive that demonstrations are easily facilitated by staff who may not be experienced in teaching personal finance or academic and career planning at all. This Money Path Large Group Activity Lesson Guide is everything an educator or advisor needs to lead a large group of students through a Money Path session.

Testing days don’t have to be do-nothing days for the other students

Money Path transforms what could be perceived as a day of academic disruption into an opportunity. For upcoming standardized test dates refer to the Department of Public Instruction’s ACT calendar and Wisconsin State Assessment Schedule. More testing days are right around the corner so now’s the time to consider the untapped potential that lies within the day. Money Path isn’t just a solution; it’s an opportunity to enhance the learning experience and make the most of the testing-focused day. Let’s turn standardized testing days into a day of meaningful learning for non-testing students so they aren’t tempted to schedule a Ferris Bueller’s Day Off of their own. See how Money Path can be used for large group activities and get it for your students today!

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