Money Path as a Large Group Activity

Money Path as a Large Group Activity

High schools and districts use the Money Path app as an innovative enhancement to large group or multi-grade level career and personal financial planning activities.

In the app, students learn about career options and experience an introduction to financial planning. They explore their post-high school goals and assess the potential long-term financial impacts of choices they’ll be making in the coming months and years. Money Path helps students start the conversation to think past today and into their futures.

The easy-to-use interface is simple for educators, as well as career and academic advisors, to demonstrate in a large group format. In fact, Money Path is so intuitive that demonstrations are easily facilitated by staff who may not be experienced in teaching personal finance or academic and career planning.


Target Audience

Students in grades 10-12


  • Large event space / multiple classrooms
  • AV set up
  • Internet access
  • Computer/tablet – one per student
  • Class code

Standards Alignment

Students Objectives

  • Understand the connection between academic planning, life after high school and financial wellbeing
  • Navigate life paths to explore different interests and pathways after high school, examining college and career choices, student loan debt, salary, savings, goals, major purchases and budgeting
  • Compare personalized paths side-by-side to show the impact of decisions on long-term financial success

Implementation Ideas

  • Academic & Career Planning Activity
  • Post- “Reality Check Day” Activity
  • Alternate Activity for Standardized Testing Days
  • Scaffolded Activity across Grade Levels