About Money Path

Money Path is a cutting-edge, web-based financial education application that allows students to explore how their decisions will impact their long-term goals and lifelong financial success.

Money Path deepens students’ understanding of critical financial concepts and opens their eyes to the long-term impact their academic and career choices have on their life and financial wellbeing.

Our Story

In 2013, after nearly 30 years helping others manage risk in the financial planning industry, Pat Rorabeck decided to take a risk of his own and pursue a new career path focused on changing lives with SecureFutures.

Pat’s insight and professional knowledge, combined with the experience of the SecureFutures team in working directly with teens on managing their finances, gave the organization a unique perspective on the needs of young adults graduating high school.

Teens didn’t have all of the tools and resources to evaluate the important decisions that faced them: what form of higher education or job training to pursue, starting pay for career options, how to save and budget for major purchases, or how much student loan debt they could manage.

Pat and the SecureFutures team decided it was time for a solution: a high-impact, easy-to-use web application that would empower young adults to learn, plan and make decisions about their futures with knowledge and confidence.

After an extensive process of soliciting feedback from educators and students, Money Path launched in 2018 with key sponsorship from Bill and Marian Nasgovitz and Heartland Advisors, Inc. The app has been continuously improved since then, with each update providing additional features and value to students and educators alike.

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Since its launch, Money Path has set more than 20,000 young adults on the road to financial capability and independence. And we’re excited to spread that impact to every student in the country in the coming years!

Money Path is made possible with lead sponsorship from Bill and Marian Nasgovitz and Heartland Advisors, Inc., as well as support from all SecureFutures donors, corporate/foundation supporters and education partners.