Be prepared for senior capstone projects

As the academic year draws to a close, high school seniors prepare for one of the most significant milestones of their high school journey: the senior capstone project. They are tasked with not only showcasing their academic achievements but also preparing for their futures beyond graduation. Money Path makes implementing this project easier by consolidating various personal finance components for students and eliminating the need for cumbersome Excel-based budgets. With Money Path, students can seamlessly integrate screenshots from the app into their presentations, ensuring a standardized format for educators to asses. From career exploration to college funding, budgeting, and retirement planning, Money Path offers students a practical tool to apply real-world scenarios to their projects using this Graduation Portfolio Template.

Career exploration

As a next step in a student’s career exploration, Money Path lets students research various career options within their chosen pathway—whether it’s college, apprenticeship, military service, or the workforce. The app provides insights into career descriptions and starting salaries, showing how specific skills and years of experience can influence those salaries. This allows students to give an in-depth explanation of why they chose a specific path and what they learned about the career within that pathway.

College funding and student loans

For students considering college, Money Path offers comprehensive guidance on understanding the costs associated with higher education and developing a plan to fund their college journey. Students can use the app to calculate things like tuition, and room and board, as well as explore different options for financing their education. Additionally, Money Path illustrates the impact of student loans on long-term financial health, helping students make informed decisions about borrowing and repayment strategies. Students can explain the costs associated with their college of choice from verified sources and present a realistic plan of how they will pay for it.

Personal budgeting

Money Path assists students in developing essential budgeting skills by providing tools to create and manage personal budgets. Students can build a budget for the future based on the starting salary of the jobs they are considering. This allows them to see if they can live on that salary given their anticipated expenses, savings goals, and any student loan payments. It also helps them better understand how the decisions they made earlier in the app will impact their “future self”. Students can then explain what stood out to them when creating their budgets and any adjustments they made.

Long-term goals

Through Money Path, students can set and track long-term financial goals related to education, career, homeownership, and retirement. The app requires students to put money aside for savings goals and provides a timeline for how long it will take to achieve those goals with the allotted savings. The goal-saving projections help students cultivate a sense of purpose and direction in their financial lives and explain the timeline for each goal.

Retirement planning

Money Path educates students about the importance of retirement savings and the benefits of starting early. The app shows the power of compound growth when contributing to an employer-sponsored retirement plan. Students can revisit their budgets and increase retirement savings to see how much more their money can grow over time. This allows students to explain what they learned about retirement savings and the impact of starting early.

Streamline senior capstone projects with Money Path

The Money Path app is a valuable resource for high school seniors as they embark on their capstone projects and prepare for life beyond graduation, and it’s available to all Wisconsin high schools at no cost! With Money Path, students can unlock their full potential and thrive in their academic and personal pursuits. Sign up for one of our Wednesday Demo Days, a hassle-free, 15-minute session where you can witness Money Path in action without any commitments. You don’t even need to turn on your camera!

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