Money Path.
The most complete academic, career and financial planning app for teens and young adults.

Money Path App

A step by step simulation of life after high school.

  • Explore different paths after graduation: College, an apprenticeship, military service, or direct entry into the workforce
  • Investigate the cost of higher education and plan how you will manage student debt
  • Customize a monthly budget based on your career starting salary
  • Learn creative ways to save for important financial goals like an emergency fund, a home, or retirement
  • Compare different personalized paths side-by-side
  • Make decisions for your future with confidence

With the power of the Money Path app, teens and young adults chart a course
to reach lifelong career and financial goals.

Learn how your family, school, or organization can help the young adults you care about build a future with Money Path.

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Compare Our Plans
  • What path will I take after high school?
  • Can I afford to go to college?
  • How much will it cost to live on my own?
  • What about retirement?
  • What will my income be in my chosen career?
  • How can I save for a car?
    A home?
    A family?
  • How do I plan when things
    are so complicated?
These questions don’t need to hold you back.

Money Path is the tool you need to make decisions from a place of knowledge and empowerment, not fear.

“We are so excited to have Money Path in our high schools to support our students and educators. It’s a unique and powerful tool that helps students make decisions about their future academic and career path as well as understand how to plan their financial future.”

Sheila Briggs, Assistant State Superintendent,
Division for Academic Excellence

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