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Life comes at your students fast and it can be difficult for them to research all the information needed to make sound decisions for their future. You can help make sure they’re ready with Money Path. Money Path deepens students’ understanding of critical financial concepts and opens their eyes to the long-term impact their academic and career choices have on their life and financial wellbeing.

Through a personalized, technology-based experience, Money Path helps students explore and compare different college and career paths, calculate the related education costs, and learn how to budget and save for long-term goals while reinforcing personal finance concepts for increased confidence and readiness.

Money Path elevates your curriculum to the next level with comprehensive academic, career and financial planning technology. It’s designed to support your current instruction and comes with robust educator resources. Money Path is flexible, easy to implement and the perfect complement to your personal finance or career planning curriculum and activities.

From Classrooms / Counseling to Grade Level / Large Group Activities

Money Path is flexible and easy to implement. It’s designed to complement your district’s or school’s personal finance and academic and career planning curriculum. Check out the ways you can implement Money Path to support students.

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Large Group Activities

Money Path is currently available at no cost to Wisconsin school districts thanks to generous sponsors. Don’t miss your chance to help students build better financial futures.

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Money Path enriches classroom instruction by helping students apply the knowledge and skills you’ve equipped them with to build plans for their future.