School Advising

School Advising

Money Path is a powerful tool for student advisors. It helps students make connections between post high school planning and long-term financial wellbeing, explore potential pathways after high school and plan for their next steps. Money Path gives advisors a tangible, engaging way to help students think past today and create personalized plans for their future. Students can revisit and adapt their plans throughout their high school experience. Advisors can also use Money Path to support family engagement in post high school planning.


Target Audience

Students in grades 10-12


  • Internet access
  • Computer/tablet -one per student
  • Class code

Standards Alignment

Student Objectives

  • Understand the connection between academic planning, life after high school and financial wellbeing
  • Navigate life paths to explore different interests and pathways after high school, examining college and career choices, student loan debt, salary, savings, goals, major purchases and budgeting
  • Compare personalized paths side-by-side to show the impact of decisions on long-term financial success

Implementation Ideas

  • 1:1 advising meetings
  • FAFSA preparation and justification
  • College visit preparation
  • Capstone and portfolio project support
  • Parent conferences