Money Path In the Classroom

Money Path is a powerful, flexible complement to your personal finance and academic and career planning curriculum. In the Money Path app, students take concepts they’ve learned and apply them to the real world using their own academic, career and lifelong goals. Below is a standard framework for implementing Money Path in your classroom. You can easily adapt its length based on the time and capacity you have for implementation.


Target Audience

Students in grades 10-12

Estimated Time

  • Prep Time: 1 hour or less
  • Lesson Facilitation: 90 minutes


  • AV set up
  • Internet access
  • Computer/tablet – one per student
  • Class code

Subject Alignment

Personal Finance, Economics, Business, Social Studies, Consumer Science, Financial Algebra, Academic & Career Planning, Independent Living

Standards Alignment

Lesson Objectives

  • Explore how career planning and lifelong decision-making impacts financial wellbeing
  • Navigate life paths after high school, examining college and career choices, student loan debt, salary, savings, goals, major purchases and budgeting
  • Compare personalized paths side-by-side to show the impact of decisions on long-term financial success