We’re committed to measuring our impact, ensuring that Money Path continues to be the best financial planning and education resource available for teens and young adults. Our user survey results highlight how Money Path transforms a young adult’s financial mindset, increasing their knowledge and changing their behavior so they can move forward confidently towards their goals.

Primary Outcomes
Reported that they are more likely to set up a savings plan for important financial goals like an emergency fund, car, or home once they start their career 96%
Reported that they are more likely to determine what student loan amount is manageable 92%
Increased their knowledge of how income, spending, and saving are all connected in their financial plan 86%


Secondary Outcomes
Increased their knowledge of college/post high school costs 84%
Increased their knowledge of how much they need to borrow in student loans 81%
More likely to research starting pay for different careers 91%
More likely to develop a budget 95%
More likely to start saving for retirement early in their career 93%