Rowan chose to go right into the workforce.

They want to start earning an income right away, and they’re looking for a job with room for advancement so they can earn more over time. They’ve got a job lined up, but they want to make sure the salary will be enough to cover their bills.

College isn’t for me – I’m ready to start working right away, and I don’t want to owe money for student loans. I’m a quick learner and I think I can move up the ladder fast at whatever job I choose.

One of my aunts has a job at a health insurance company that has its main office downtown, and she said she likes working there: you get health insurance, paid time off, and regular raises if you do a good job. Plus, it doesn’t seem too stuffy. They offered me a job as an insurance claims processing clerk. The starting pay, about $30,000 a year, is a little lower than I was hoping for. I need to figure out if I’ll be able cover my rent, food, and the rest of my bills, with a little left over to start living my life!

With Money Path, I made a really specific budget, and I can also look at how much more I’ll be able to save as my salary goes up over the next few years. I figured out that I can swing $500 a month in rent, and I found a place in a neighborhood close to work with a couple of roommates. I’ll have to be smart with how much I spend, but I can make it work, and the future looks pretty great. I’m ready to go.

Workforce Data Points Background
Career: Insurance Claims and Policy Processing Clerk at a strong, regional health insurance company, I joined a strong company that offers good benefits and provides products and services that will continue to be needed by consumers.  I also wanted to learn skills that would allow me to advance in the future to help me increase my income.  The job I chose has a starting salary of $30,839 and in 3-5 years can make $35,937 so there is room for growth.
Starting Salary: $30,839 My starting pay covers my needs but I will need to manage my budget well and make good spending decisions.  I may decide to live with my family for a while if I want to save more money.
My student loan debt: $0
Annual loan payments: $0
Annual amount I can save: $1752 My annual savings will be lower at first but if I work hard and learn the skills of the job I am confident my pay will increase.
Workforce Financial Literacy