Katelyn chose to enlist in the military.

She’s considering college down the line, but right now she wants a career path that will help her avoid debt and give her a strong, broadly applicable skill set so she has lots of options in the future.

I might want to go to college eventually, but for now I want to keep my options open. I played basketball and volleyball in high school, and I like being on a team and pushing myself to keep getting better. I also want to be smart with money now, start saving and stay clear of debt. That way I can go wherever I want in the future.

With Money Path, I found out that a career in the military covers housing and has lots of other great benefits. I don’t have to worry about my living expenses, and I can learn skills that could help me in a bunch of different fields once I’m done serving. I get education benefits too. That means if I decide to go to college later I won’t have to take out any student loans. I can start saving now for the future I want, almost $6,000 a year. I’m excited about all the choices that this opens up for me.

Military Data Points Background
Career: Enlisted and work in Transportation and Material – Handling.  I’m part of an aircraft crew that operates aircraft equipment. I was interested in being part of a team and serving our country.  I also wanted access to a career that involved hands on training in jobs that transfer well to the civilian world.
Starting Salary: $45,571
(Base Pay $25,927 + Housing & Subsistence Allowance $19,644)
Starting out debt free and having great insurance benefits was a key driver in my decision.  Additionally, the Military covers my housing, food and health insurance expenses. Plus, if I stay in the military for 6 years my pay will be $58,924 (Base Pay $39,280 + Housing & Subsistence Allowance $19,644).
My student loan debt: $0
Annual loan payments: $0
I also qualify for education benefits if I choose to go to college in the future.
Annual amount I can save: $6,000 This allows me to super charge my savings for important future financial goals.
Military Financial Literacy