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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Money Path?2022-09-19T18:17:48+00:00
  • It’s a powerful tool that allows students to build a personalized plan that connects the dots between career pay, college costs and funding, future student loan debt, and their future financial plan.
  • Students can compare multiple scenarios side by side to see how their academic and career choices and decisions impact their financial future.
How is Money Path different?2022-10-27T18:25:42+00:00
  • We created it because it didn’t exist! No other virtual resource connects academic, career, and financial planning in one tool so that teens can create a concrete and personalized path towards their goals.
  • It allows students to explore all potential paths available after high school. They can compare career opportunities through apprenticeships, the military, direct entry to the workforce, professional certifications, plus Associate, Bachelor, Masters, and Doctoral degrees.
  • It provides students with a view into starting salaries, which can be very different from average salaries.
Is it easy to use?2022-09-19T18:17:32+00:00

Money Path is very intuitive and has been designed with the student user in mind. Users are guided through the experience of building paths with conversational navigation and support resources. It also provides educational content to support the various personal finance and career planning concepts being utilized throughout the app.

Is Money Path a career exploration tool?2022-09-19T18:17:18+00:00
  • Money Path supplements comprehensive career exploration tools by providing a platform to compare compensation, job description details, and a personalized financial plan across different careers within the same or different pathways.
  • It’s a powerful tool that allows students to build a personalized plan that connects the dots between career pay, college costs and funding, future student loan debt, and their future financial plan.
  • Students can compare multiple scenarios side by side to see how their choices and decisions impact their financial future.
Are all possible careers represented in Money Path?2022-10-27T18:25:25+00:00

SecureFutures has thoroughly researched and tested various data sources to provide reliable and current data across a broad set of careers. Hundreds of careers across all paths are represented. Additionally, users have the option to build a customized career path and pay based on their own research.

Where does the data in Money Path come from and how current is it?2022-09-19T18:17:05+00:00

Data is Money Path’s power. SecureFutures has thoroughly researched and tested various data sources to provide reliable and current data across a broad set of careers. Hundreds of careers across all paths are represented. The data in Money Path is updated annually and reflects the most current data available at the time of the update. Learn more about our data sources here.

How do I bring Money Path to my students?2022-10-06T23:52:27+00:00

The first step is to connect with a Money Path team member. Through a brief conversation, we’ll help you determine if Money Path is the right fit for your students and create a plan for implementation. From there, we’ll generate a class registration code and provide you with student and educator materials. Our simple implementation guide takes you through the process step by step. Our team is available to assist you with customizing your Money Path lesson to fit your needs. Request a meeting now or sign up for a live webinar!

How do students set up accounts?2022-10-06T23:53:58+00:00

Money Path has a secure self-registration process that takes about 30 seconds to complete. All students need to create their accounts is an email address and a code that we provide. Their account is theirs to keep forever.

How does Money Path help educators teach personal finance?2022-10-06T23:54:51+00:00

Money Path is flexible – it can stand on its own or be easily incorporated into existing personal finance curriculum or programming. Here are just a few of the ways educators have used Money Path:

  • Have students use Money Path to complete a capstone personal finance project for students to create a realistic plan for what they decide to do after high school.
  • Compliment your personal finance curriculum with a simulation to bring financial concepts to life.
How does Money Path enrich academic and career planning?2022-10-06T23:55:29+00:00

Money Path can be used in one-on-one advising or be scaled up for large group activities. Many student advisors and counselors use it to encourage discussions at parent conferences, help students efficiently create post-secondary plans or portfolios, or add it to other career or independent living-related events. It’s also a great activity to offer on standardized testing days.

Do you provide a lesson guide and materials?2022-10-06T23:56:03+00:00

Yes and yes. We have guides, assignment templates, and facilitation videos for each of the three main delivery models. They are available in editable formats so that you can adapt the experience to your students. Our staff is also available to help you customize the materials. We have been working with educators for 16 years and designed Money Path with you in mind.

Do you have additional educational resources to complement Money Path?2022-10-06T23:56:33+00:00

Money Path often inspires curiosity in aspects of financial and career planning. Additional information about many topics is available through helper panels throughout Money Path. Additionally, students can access our online learning modules directly through Money Path. Each module takes about 15-30 minutes to complete and covers 14 personal finance and financial planning topics.

What do I need to do to prep for using Money Path with my students?2022-10-27T18:26:59+00:00

Learning to use Money Path is simple. You’ll need to review the implementation guide that fits the model of delivery that you are planning and preview any related videos that you would be playing for the students. We have a student assignment template that you are welcome to edit before you give it to your students. We also strongly encourage you to create your own account and create a few paths for yourself. Creating paths ahead of time will help you to understand how student users move through Money Path and will provide you with examples that you can reference when working with your students.

Do my students need any training to use Money Path?2022-10-06T23:57:37+00:00

No, as part of the activity facilitation, students will watch a video that walks them through how to create paths. The navigation in Money Path is very intuitive and there are helper panels throughout the experience.

Do students need any prior financial education in order to get the most out of Money Path?2022-10-06T23:58:07+00:00

While not required, we do recommend that students are familiar with the concepts of budgeting and saving prior to using Money Path. It is also useful for students to already be aware of the different paths available to them after high school and which paths they are interested in planning for.

What kind of support is offered?2022-10-06T23:58:45+00:00

SecureFutures has a dedicated staff member focused on ensuring a successful experience with Money Path, from customizing lesson plans, to reporting class outcomes, to collecting feedback. Users and educators can also request support by emailing

Is there an educator portal where I can view my students’ activity and outcomes?2022-10-06T23:59:25+00:00

Our educator portal is still under development, but we hope to have it available soon!

Do I receive any feedback regarding my student’s learning and experience?2022-10-06T23:59:57+00:00

Yes. We are committed to measuring results to maximize positive impact. We can generate reports for you on knowledge gain, behavior change, app evaluation, and comments from students.

Who is SecureFutures?2022-10-07T00:01:16+00:00

Our non-profit mission is to empower teens and young adults through financial education. Go to to learn more.

What is your experience in the education sector?2022-10-07T00:01:41+00:00

For 16 years, we’ve delivered an array of financial education programs specifically to teens. We know what teens need and how they learn, and we have a history of high-impact outcomes.

How much does Money Path cost?2022-10-07T00:03:28+00:00

Money Path is available for direct purchase by individuals or institutions. It is currently provided to schools and community organizations in Wisconsin at no cost, through donations, grants or sponsorships. Volume discounts and equity-based discounts are available.

Once a user has access to Money Path, will they experience additional costs?2022-10-07T00:04:04+00:00

No. Once a user establishes their account, they have unlimited access with no additional costs.

Is Money Path on a secure site?2022-10-07T00:04:39+00:00

Yes. We have a fully secure site and each user must have unique login credentials. Each account is password protected.

How do you keep user account information private?2023-02-15T14:06:14+00:00

The only personal information captured is name and email. We do not sell your name or email to any third parties, and we only share information as described in our Privacy Policy. For more information, please see our App Privacy Policy.

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