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Do you provide a lesson guide and materials?

Yes! We have guides, assignment templates, and facilitation videos for each of the three main delivery models. They are available in editable formats so that you can adapt the experience [...]

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How do I bring Money Path to my students?

The first step is to connect with a Money Path team member. Through a brief conversation we’ll help you determine if Money Path is the right fit for your students [...]

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Are all possible careers represented in Money Path?

SecureFutures has thoroughly researched and tested various data sources to provide reliable and current data across a broad set of careers. Hundreds of careers across all paths are represented. Additionally, [...]

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Is Money Path a career exploration tool?

Money Path supplements comprehensive career exploration tools by providing a platform to compare compensation, job description details, and a personalized financial plan across different careers within the same or different [...]

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Is it easy to use?

Money Path is intuitive and has been designed with the student user in mind. Users are guided through the experience of building paths with conversational navigation and support resources. It [...]

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How is Money Path different?

We created it because it didn’t exist! No other virtual resource connects academic, career, and financial planning in one tool so that teens can create a concrete and personalized path [...]

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What is Money Path?

A powerful tool that allows students to build a personalized plan that connects the dots between career pay, college costs and funding, potential student loan debt, and their future financial [...]

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