Cameron started an apprenticeship in the trades.

He wants a career that’s active and hands-on. It’s important to him to avoid debt and start saving right away, which means he needs a strong starting salary at a job that doesn’t require a college degree.

I’ve always loved to make things, and my favorite class in high school was shop. I’ve never wanted a desk job – I want to work with my hands. Eventually I hope I can be my own boss, and build something I’m really proud of from the ground up.

When I looked through all the career options in Money Path, I learned that once I complete an apprenticeship in the trades my starting pay could be over $50,000. I can learn a lot of great skills by doing training on the job, but I’m also making money right away. That means I can save over $5,000 a year, and even more after I finish my apprenticeship.

My shop teacher got me connected with a carpentry apprentice at a construction company in town. It’s exciting to see what I’m building! I’m talking about the new sports arena I’m helping to build in my city, but I’m also talking about the savings I’m putting aside to eventually invest in my own business. The future looks bright.

Apprenticeship Data Points Background
Career: Carpentry apprenticeship with a quality, local construction company. I love to build things and found a company that hired me as a carpentry apprentice.  I started earning pay on day one and I have learned so many skills though my on the job training and periodic classes. It excites me see how I contributed to constructing a new building.
Starting Salary: $52,850

High Pay: $84,690

My student loan debt: $0
Annual loan payments: $0
Saving for my future goals is important to me.  My apprenticeship allowed me to learn a trade without accumulating student loan debt and earn a strong income.
Annual amount I can save: $5124 I’ve already put in place an emergency fund and now I’m saving for my future financial goals.
Apprenticeship Financial Literacy