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Life comes at your teens fast and it can be difficult to find the time to research all the information needed to help them make sound decisions for life after high school. You can help make sure they’re ready with Money Path. Money Path deepens students’ understanding of critical financial concepts and opens their eyes to the long-term impact their academic and career choices have on their life and financial wellbeing.

Through a personalized, technology-based experience, Money Path helps teens explore and compare different college and career paths, calculate the related education costs, and learn how to budget and save for long-term goals while reinforcing personal finance concepts for increased confidence and transitioning into adulthood.

Money Path gives parents a tangible, engaging way to help their teens think past today and create personalized plans for their future. Your teen can revisit and adapt their plans throughout their high school and/or college experience.

Money Path is a powerful tool for students and their families.

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How It Works

Students need meaningful opportunities to reinforce personal finance concepts in the context of real-life decisions – like career choices and life planning. That’s what Money Path lets them do.  Money Path is a real-world application that helps the future “click” for every student.

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