Money Path Plans

The Money Path App helps you create an academic, career, and financial plan for your future… today! Select from one of our many plans.

If you are a high school educator in the state of Wisconsin, Money Path is provided for your students at no cost!
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Direct Plan

Student Toolkit
Customize a career and financial
plan for your future
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– and –
Family Pricing
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High School/
Educator Plans

Unlimited access
for educators
and students
Educator Toolkit
Enhance your personal finance
and academic and career
planning curriculum
Tiered pricing plans No cost for WI educators
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Unlimited access for
employees as a wellness
program and/or customers
as a valued added service
Company Launch Toolkit
Build employee financial health
and retain and grow your
customer base
Tiered pricing plans
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Education Plans

Unlimited access for
staff, prospective and
current students
Higher Education Toolkit
Money Path positions your school
as a trustworthy partner for
students and their families
Tiered pricing plans
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95% of Students Recommend Money Path

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