Money Path Plans

The Money Path App helps you create an academic, career, and financial plan for your future… today! Select from one of our many plans.

If you are an educator in the state of Wisconsin, Money Path is provided for your students at no cost!
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Direct Plan

Student Toolkit
Customize a career and financial
plan for your future
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– and –
Family Pricing
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High School/
Educator Plans

Unlimited access
for educators
and students
Educator Toolkit
Enhance your personal finance
and academic and career
planning curriculum
Tiered pricing plans No cost for WI educators
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Unlimited access for
employees as a wellness
program and/or customers
as a valued added service
Company Launch Toolkit
Build employee financial health
and retain and grow your
customer base
Tiered pricing plans
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Education Plans

Unlimited access for
staff, prospective and
current students
Higher Education Toolkit
Money Path positions your school
as a trustworthy partner for
students and their families
Tiered pricing plans
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95% of Students Recommend Money Path

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