95% of teens who used Money Path said the app will be useful in helping them build a good plan for their financial future.

What is Money Path?

Money Path connects the dots between career path and pay, college expenses and student loan debt, managing a budget, and establishing a timeline for achieving important financial goals like purchasing a car or home and saving for retirement.

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Who uses Money Path?

Available at the crucial time when they are making decisions about adult life, Money Path allows teens and young adults to build a personalized plan and chart a course towards their life-long career and financial goals. Read more.

Money Path in action

As users move through the app simulation, they identify a path: college, an apprenticeship, military service, or direct entry into the workforce. Then, using up-to-date data on career starting salaries and post-secondary education costs, students develop a plan to pay for school, build a real life budget, set savings goals, and compare different paths side by side to envision the long-term impact of their decisions.

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A proven solution

Money Path was developed by SecureFutures, a leader in teen financial education since 2006.

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